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Danielle Gaucher, PhD

Director of the Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Laboratory

Danielle Gaucher holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Waterloo (2010). She completed a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Post Doctoral Fellow at Princeton University. Her research centers on issues of social justice and social change, specifically investigating the social-psychological processes that serve to maintain inequality at the individual and institutional levels. The goal of this program of research is to advance theory and better understand the social-psychological barriers to social change, with the ultimate goal of discovering how to best encourage a wide range of prosocial behaviours and social arrangements. To accomplish these aims, research from this program is psychologically informed, quantitatively grounded, and broadly disseminated.

Originally from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Danielle Gaucher now makes her home in Winnipeg.

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Current Members of the Team

Lily Kaufmann, Master of Arts Candidate, Human Rights Program, The University of Manitoba

Evan Forest, 4th yr. undergrad, Psychology, The University of Manitoba

Ariane Freynet-Gagné, 4th yr. student, Université de Saint-Boniface